Every year since 2006, Victory Neighbourhood Services Inc. has held a Crime Prevention Concert across the municipality of Durham Region to raise awareness of the potential dangers associated with at-risk youths and what we, as a society, can do to prevent it. The concert is hosted by Veronica Vernon and has appearances by notable guests and speakers such as MP Mark Holland and members from the Durham Regional Police.


The concert is aimed to create recognition for the youths in the community and to generate solutions, such as after school programs, that would help reduce the amount of youth related crime. In addition, it also raises awareness for youth related issues that affect youths and can be the reason of why they choose to pursue crime or issues that arise in the everyday life of a youth.


Since it is a concert, there are a number of excellent performances that are both informative and entertaining. In the past there has been performances by the TC3 Toronto Children's Concert Choir, VV's dance group and much more.


Victory Neighbourhood Services Inc. wishes to continue this concert to continue the awareness of the youth in the community. Any funds raised from the concert will be used to funds after-school programs for the youths. This will establish the beginning of the solution for this issue and set a precedence for further advancements in youth advocacy.

Crime Prevention Concert

*Please be advised, the Crime Prevention Concert photos are from the SNAP Ajax website article regarding the concert